Nanoparticle Counters

Our nanoparticle counters include condensation particle counters (CPCs) for laboratory use, for automotive emission measurements (PMP-CPC) and versions optimized for 24/7 operation in measuring stations or remote locations (including 19″ rack mounting). All CPCs feature the proven condensate removal pump and our anti-spill saturator design. They enable single particle counting of up to 150,000 p/cm3 with high detection efficiency and a fast response time. Thanks to a unique saturator shutter, the CPCs can also be transported without having to remove or dry the saturator.

For the measurement of high particle number concentrations or for use as a reference device for the calibration of measuring instruments, we also offer a high-precision, highly sensitive Faraday cup electrometer (FCE). With its fast response time and rinsing air flow design for noise reduction, the FCE features performance characteristics that are unique on the market.

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