Jerome® 631-X

H2S Analyzer

Gold Film Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer

The portable Jerome® 631-X Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer displays low-level concentrations in just seconds. It offers an analysis range of 0.003-50 ppm for odor and corrosion control, safety, and leak detection in such industries as wastewater treatment, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and farming. This simple-to-use instrument utilizes an internal rechargeable battery pack or AC power, and is easily carried to suspected sources of hydrogen sulfide for detection and measurement. Locked in survey mode, the 631-X automatically displays hydrogen sulfide concentrations as quickly as every 3 seconds.


Ultra Sensitive

Detect hydrogen sulfide in air at levels as low as 3 parts per billion (3ppb).


Sturdy metal housing and solid-state design make the 631-X tough enough for nearly any environment.


The Jerome’s gold film sensing technology has been validated in the laboratory and in the field for more than 35 years.

Simple to Operate

Get an accurate hydrogen sulfide reading at the touch of a button.

Data Logging

The available data logger module can store up to 1,000 measurements


Low-Level Detection: The Jerome® 631-X can detect H2S in air from 0.003 ppm to 50 ppm, making it ideal for regulatory compliance and odor control monitoring, scrubber efficiency testing, and monitoring corrosion in control rooms, among others.

Gold Film Sensor: Validated in the field and in the lab for over 35 years, our proprietary gold film sensor ensures repeatable results across a wide range of applications.

Rugged Construction: Housed in a sturdy metal case, the 631-X is built to withstand rough operating conditions and deliver accurate results whether it is in the field or in the lab.

Easy to Use: The quick reference guide beneath the handle helps simplify day to day use and the easy to read display screen is equipped with an automatic backlight that activates in low-light situations.

Survey Mode: The 631-X features a survey mode that allows the user to continuously draw in samples of air in order to sweep an area for hydrogen sulfide hot spots and enable corrective action to be taken.

Regulatory Compliance: The 631-X is in active use by many regulatory agencies and landfill, water treatment and waste management facilities across the world.

Optional Data Logging: When equipped with data logging capabilities, the 631-X can store data for up to 1,000 samples, including date and time.

Optional Autosample Mode: The 631-X offers an optional autosample mode that can be programmed to take a sample at various intervals between 1 and 60 minutes.

Field Regeneration: The 631-X can perform sensor regeneration in the field when used with the optional AZI Power Inverter Kit, allowing for extended on-location testing


Detection Range:  0.003 ppm to 50 ppm
Resolution: 0.001 ppm *range dependent
Accuracy: ±0.003 ppm at 0.05 ppm
±0.03 ppm at 0.5 ppm
±0.3 ppm at 5 ppm
±2 ppm at 25 ppm
Response Time: Survey Mode: 3-20 seconds
Sample Mode: 12-30 seconds
Flow Rate: 150 ± 10 mL/min
Result Units: ppm
Data Logging: Optional; stores 1,000 data points, retains date and time
Autosample Mode: Optional; programmable at various intervals between 1 and 60 minutes
Display: Backlit LCD
Battery: Rechargeable NiCad
6 hour life, charges in 14 hours
Power Requirements: 100-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 A or
220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 A
Fuse: F1A 250 V, 5 mm x 20 mm
Operating Environment: 0°C to 40°C, non-condensing, non-explosive
Output: RS-232 Serial Port,
Analog: 4-20 mA passive current loop
Dimensions: Standard: 13″ L x 6″ W x 4″ H (33 cm L x 15 cm W x 10 cm H)
XE Model: 14″ L x 7″ W x 7″ H (35 cm L x 18 cm W x 18 cm H)
Weight: Standard: 7 lbs. (3.18 kg)
XE Model: 8 lbs. (3.5 kg)
Certifications: CE (220-240 VAC, 631-XE model only)


Part Number Description
1400 0052 Soft-Sided Field Carrying Case
1400 2002 Probe
6000 1055  Cable Assembly, JCI/JCS Interface
6100 0010 Data Logger
990-0183 Ammonia Filter
990-0225 10:1 Dilution Model
Y411 0904 Hard-Sided Carrying Case Assembly
Y631 0901 Accessory Kit
Y631 0905 Maintenance Kit
Y990-0257 Jerome Communication Software Kit (Windows 7/8)
Y990-0259 Jerome Communication Software Data Logger Kit (Windows 7/8)
Z2600 0918  Jerome® Functional Test Module, 250 ppb, 115V
Z2600 0930  Jerome® Functional Test Module, 30 ppb, 115V
Z2600 3905 Zero Air Filter
Z2600 3940 Chlorine Filter


Part Number Description
2300 0001 Trimmer Tool
2600 3039 Pack of 20 Fritware, .25 cm diameter
PS-151 Tube Nut
Y2600 3945 Straight Intake Kit
Z2600 3930 Scrubber Filter
Z2600 3933 Scrubber Filter, LFS
Z2600 3934 Scrubber Filter, LFD
Z4000 0907  Battery Pack Assembly X431/X631

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