MODEL 5524-X


Bipolar charging without radioactive sources

The GRIMM 5524-X soft X-ray Aerosol Charger neutralizes the irregularly charged particles in the atmosphere or generated aerosol to a defined stationary-state charge distribution, regardless of the initial charging state of the aerosol prior entering the neutralizer. The GRIMM 5524-X is a bipolar charger that generates positive and negative ions by soft X-ray radiation instead of a radioactive source such as Americium – 241, Krypton-85 or Nickel-63.

Soft X-rays are easily absorbed by the surrounding air and have low permeability. The GRIMM 5524-X is safe, easy to use and requires minimum maintenance. No transport and storing restrictions facilitate various applications in the field of aerosol research.


NOTE: The regulations concerning radiation protection (for X-ray radiation) differ between the countries and the individual federal states. To obtain information on the handling regulations, please contact the competent authority in your country / federal state.


  • non-radioactive source
  • no transport / storing restrictions
  • no particle, electromagnetic waves or ozone generation
  • low maintenance
  • easy to operate and safe
  • embedded controller
  • compatible with GRIMM SMPS+C and SMPS+E systems


  • neutralizer for aerosol sizing with SMPS systems
  • neutralizer for particle generators
  • fundamental aerosol research
  • investigation of particle charging


maximum particle concentration

107 p/cm³

ion generation method

soft X-ray < 9.5 keV

tube acceleration voltage

11 kV

equivalent X-ray dose

< 0.13 µSv/h at 10 cm distance

aerosol flow rate

0.3 - 5 L/min

aerosol medium

Air or N2

power supply 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
power consumption 7.2 W


natural cooling with ambient air

dimensions (h x w x d)

19.1 x 7.2 x 27.3 cm (7.5 X 2.8 x 10.8 in)


1.11 kg (2.45 lbs)

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