MODEL 7860


Adjustable aerosol generation between 1.2 and 20 nm

The Grimm 7860 WOx generator is a ready-to-use instrument to produce well defined aerosol particles in the size range between 1.2 – 20nm. Its principle of operation is based on the sublimation of tungsten oxide. Heated tungsten reacts in dry, clean air to several oxides and nitrates. A heating cell around a WOx coil provides a temperature of approximately 900°C – the sublimation temperature of WO3. Tungsten oxide sublimates into a controlled fraction of the carrier gas and is immediately diluted when exiting the heated zone by a flow of purified air. (Reischl et al. 1997, Ankilov et al. 2002, Steiner 2006).

My means of three adjustable flows (WOx air, carrier air, dilution air) and a variable heating source, the mean particle diameter and output number concentration of the aerosols can be controlled.

The generator operates with an external compressed air supply (2-6 bar). An automatically operating security valve secures the instrument in the case of accidental overpressure.

The unit is designed in accordance with the German VDI-Standard 3491.


  • particle size range 1.2 -  20nm
  • well-defined aerosol material (WOx)
  • controllable particle mean particle diameter
  • controllable particle number concentration
  • external compressed air supply (2 – 6 bar)
  • integrated cleaning system


  • fine filter efficiency test
  • inhalation and toxicology studies
  • mixing and coating processes (e.g. for ceramic technology)
  • determination of the detection limits and efficiency of condensation particle counters


particle size range 1.2 – 20 nm

particle concentration

variable up to 107 p/cm³

outlet aerosol flow rate

0.3 - 39 L/min


tungsten oxide

air supply external compressed air (2 – 6 bar; oil and particle free)
cleaning system integrated



power supply

85 – 264 VAC / 47 – 440 Hz
max. 1 A (RMS by 110 VAC)

dimensions (h x w x d)

22 x 17.7 x 27 cm (8.7 x 7 x 10.6 inch)


7.5 kg (16.5 lbs)


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