The Mini Wide Range Spectrometer As Reference for Clean Air

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OneLife - A Short Portrait

A spin-off of one of Europe's top-20 fastest growing companies, OneLife builds on years of experience and expertise in indoor air. We develop disruptive technologies and create scientific breakthroughs to address human health challenges, and it all starts with the air we breathe. With meticulous German engineering, smart digital technologies and intuitive design, OneLife develops solutions that allow everyone to live their one life while protecting the one planet we all inhabit.

OneLife is on a mission to eliminate obstacles to human health and productivity. By providing a complete indoor health ecosystem we combine hardware sensors and purification systems with digital tools that inform, coach and optimize the health patterns of our users.

OneLife X is a very efficient air purifier and based on a patent-pending filter technology. The plasma filter technology allows no filter replacement. This is the first sustainable air purifier without generating harmful ozone and is ready for clinic application as well.

What was the Goal of OneLife to Achieve With Grimm Products

With the help of the 1371 MiniWRAS by Grimm Aerosol, OneLife targeted at providing evidence of smallest, ultrafine particles ranging from 10 to 100 Nanometers.
These measurements aimed to prove the filtration efficiency degree of the OneLife X in the ultrafine Nanoparticle range.

The measurements in the below depicted setup prove that almost 100% of the ultrafine dust was filtered out.

OneLife - Plasma Filter Technology from OneLife GmbH on Vimeo.

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