Construction Site Monitoring to Protect Neighborhood

DEUTSCHE BAHN trusts in Grimm Aerosol

At a current construction site, where the Deutsche Bahn repositions their rail tracks, carries out structural alteration works for tracks and overhead contact lines and organizes road construction, the dispersed and created dust concentration needs to be monitored.

In direct distance to the operating site, a sensible manufacturing process might be affected by expositions to high airborne dust loads being carried over. In order to monitor the present air quality, Deutsche Bahn organized a monitoring concept together with ERGO Umweltinstitut GmbH to prevent a nearby manufacturer from possible affectation in their production processes due to intense dust concentrations.

Next to standardized dust monitoring instruments such as samplers or collectors, the Dresden-based ERGO Environmental Institute counseled Deutsche Bahn to implement an instrument which detects airborne dust in real-time and allows live data transmission to health and safety officers for taking immediate actions if necessary.

The concept of Deutsche Bahn together with ERGO Dresden is a constant monitoring setup based on local characteristics, such as avoidance of interferences caused by buildings and trees while paying attention to the wind direction experienced over a 10-year average value.

The EDM365 by Grimm Aerosol Technik is located in direct line of the construction site to the manufacturing company of concern under observation of the average wind direction.

Combined with this sophisticated and precise Environmental Dust Monitor for the fractions PM10, PM2.5, and Total Dust Mass, the meteorological values temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and wind direction are measured and transmitted wirelessly to the supervising person in charge. A full set of values is available every 5 seconds and can be averaged for better data handling to longer intervals of up to one hour without losing real-time data.




Grimm Aerosol is proud to partner with ERGO Dresden and Deutsche Bahn contributing to making the way for a cleaner air.

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