Grimm is an official supplier and partner for and of the Berlin Air Quality Measurement Network called BLUME

Since 2011, BLUME (Berliner Luftguete Messnetz, Berlin Air Quality Measurement Network) trusts in Grimm products, especially in the EDM180 for approved, continuous, and highly time-resolved PM10 measurements.

The BLUME is a central aspect in assuring the air quality in Berlin and is core to prepare information for taking actions against air pollution by detecting and assessing it. Next to many other components being measured, such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, ozone, benzol, carbon monoxide, you name it, the fine dust exposure in outer skirts, rural areas and certain hotspots of the citizens is constantly being measured and analyzed.

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Throughout the years starting with 2011 the GRIMM EDM180 is a reliable work horse meeting all official demands, is referenced by gravimetric samplers and helps to inform the public about current dust exposures of the particulate matter fraction PM10. With these approved monitors, emission sources and certain events can be easily detected due to their high temporal resolution. This means, actions can be taken individually due to assigning high dust levels to those detected sources. This supports defined clean air measures, instead of acting on time-consuming trial and error base by shutting down complete areas to see if effects step.


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Equivalency reports of the EDM 180 against the reference PM10 from 2018:

General information to Berlin air quality, trends, and reports:

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