GRIMM supports sailing record attempt

Project ANT ARCTIC LAB aims for first non-stop single-handed world circumnavigation around both poles

34,000 nautical miles and one sailor: Norbert Sedlacek will set sail on July 12th, 2020 mastering a route which is a round-the-world trip. Particularly outstanding: this tour of seven months is to be single-handed (i.e. no other person on board than the captain himself), non-stop and without any other help from outside. No sailor succeeded in this so far. The ANT ARCTIC LAB project is supported by GRIMM, the aerosol specialist of the DURAG GROUP.

GRIMM instruments measure airborne aerosols in the ambient air. This plays a role, for instance, looking at limit values, also for environmental protection. This is the link to the world record attempt of Norbert Sedlacek. Next to the sportive aspect environmental awareness is also a core message of ANT ARCTIC LAB.

The sailing professional puts a lot of emphasis on the message associated with the trip. The entire boat is made of recyclable materials (mainly volcanic fiber and balsa wood), while being robust at the same time and reaching a maximum speed of 30 knots or 55 km/h. "This will prove that extreme performance can be achieved with recyclable materials and that nothing could possibly stand in the way of a new world record," states Sedlacek.

The 58-year-old Austrian Sedlacek, who formerly steered other types of transport (he was a tram conductor in Vienna for years) decided to change careers taking the path of a professional skipper. Interestingly enough, this is not the first attempt for the ANT ARCTIC LAB project: In both July 2018 and 2019, technical reasons made a test to come to a stop at an early stage. Such setbacks do not discourage Norbert Sedlacek: "I always say, the person who has never failed cannot grow."

With July 12th, it will be the Austrian and the high seas on their own, but as of now he is not without support. "I have had a wonderful team at my side for months now. Here I would like to thank all friends, partners and sponsors very clearly. Without this support, this challenge would never have been possible," underlines Sedlacek.

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