GRIMM Aerosol expanded its production facilities and along with this also the production capabilities with moving to a new building. Just a few miles off the old facilities, GRIMM Aerosol gladly rejoined the whole team of experts, technicians, mechanics, administrators, and researchers under one roof in a perfect production area.

The new building which you see in the picture above features 2,000 square meters of production areas (which equals 21,500 square feet), modern infrastructure, newly built calibration areas, a sophisticated outdoor container for validating our approved measurement systems, up-to-date meeting rooms, and perfectly aligned research areas for creating utmost synergy for exciting and thorough R&D work.

Another milestone in the history of GRIMM Aerosol is set.


A brief history of our production facilities:

In the Nineties GRIMM bought the first production building in Pouch, Eastern Germany. While all departments related to production filled the building, GRIMM already planned to expand its portfolio to the Nano product line. Establishing a new product line does not only mean a lot of R&D and engineering work, but also the need for more space to accommodate Nano experts and engineering specialists. Therefore the second building, a four-story house was bought in 2002 and became the new home for the Nano product department with its own, separate service team, separate engineering team and the R&D for all product lines.

A successful and sustainable journey equipping universities, networks, industry, and private & public companies with aerosol spectrometers began.


GRIMM Aerosol Technik Pouch GmbH
OT Friedersdorf
Vordere Aue 4
06774 Muldestausee

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