Environmental Dust Monitors

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Environmental Dust Monitors

The name GRIMM is an institution in respect of optical dust measurement solutions for official and also industrial networks. As the pioneer with the first approved system of optical environmental dust monitoring, we passed until now over 15 equivalence tests worldwide (eg. US EPA, UK MCERT, Germany LUBW, Austria UBA, etc.). From Handheld solutions for ad hoc measurements over 19” Rack-Versions for professional container solutions up to stand alone versions for container independent measurements we cover all applications you need.

We are the only company which also supplies UFP-Solutions for measurements from 4 nm up to 32 µm in a real Wide Range Solution. Discover the possibilities! We are ready for the future of the UFP measurement. For to get your data’s comfortable directly to your desk or in a central monitoring solution, we provide data-loggers which secure your data’s and send them directly to an internet or monitoring platform.

From stations in Amazonas rain wood forest up to Himalaya, from Central Europe deep into the Mongolian dessert and up to airborne measurements, no matter where, we will show it – precisely!



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In comparison to other competitors, we deliver you precisely calibrated dust measurement instruments. Learn more about our products for enviro measurement instruments and click on our detailed GRIMM-Wiki product pages.

Handheld Handheld Mobile Mobile Mobile Mobile Stationary Stationary Stationary Sky OPC
Grimm 11-E EDM 107 GF EDM 164 EDM 365 EDM 365 SVC UFP 465 EDM 180 EDM 665 EDM 765 11-S

Environmental dust monitoring

Environmental dust monitoring instruments for real-time outdoor air quality monitoring have a long tradition at Grimm Aerosol. These optical laser light aerosol spectrometers / monitors measure the particle size distribution in over 30 different size ranges and convert these results simultaneously to total dust PM10, PM2.5, and even PM1 fractions following the European and American EPA regulations. Even the Nano particle size fraction is covered in a docent size ranges and can be expanded down to a few nanometers with our accessories.

Our Product Range for Outdoor Monitors

The instrument design of our Environmental product range varies from small portable monitors to larger fixed stations in networks, since US EPA, European regulators and many other official government bodies worldwide, approved them. Commonly there is also a range of units used in the field of testing and research. High end electronic permits easy (wireless) data transfer and our powerful software an easy and customer-friendly use of the system.

Grimm Quality Measurement

Highest performance, quality control, and German precision combined with quick customer support are our base for over 20 years of customer satisfaction.

Therefore, Grimm Aerosol is a European leader in this Environmental dust field and many scientific articles worldwide show users that that use our dust monitors in the remotest stations for PM10 and PM2.5 case studies.